Not Enough Hours In The Day

by Better On Paper

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released June 14, 2016

Jake: Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Saw, Bucket, Keys.
Peter: Bass
Phil: Electric Guitar



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Better On Paper Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Tilikum
Gettin' a tattoo of Tilikum to
Remind me how bad things can get.
Diving into the ocean to
Drown in Oil with the fish
Going to a puppy store to
Swallow all the sadness
Cause I know in that puppy store
That the dogs there are all sick

And when they were born it was in a tiny cage
Covered in shit, smelling of piss
And their mothers need to be saved.

Gettin' a tattoo of Tilikum yeah
You know the black fish
Meeting him down at Sea World
Gonna shove the owners in.
Going to a factory farm and
Freeing all the chickens
Organizing up all the cows
So I can lead them to the doors

Of the supposed farmers' who have never cared
Take them from their homes and bring them to where
They put up their cages too tiny to move,
Lock them inside, stuff them with gruel
And pump them with medicine, you should't have to use
And keep them alive but just enough, to turn a profit.

Gettin' a tattoo of my dog Lucy to
Remind me life's no so bad.
Takin' her out to the woods
We're gonna run through the trees and laugh.
Looking for our favorite oak
I'll dring a beer beneath and chasing squirrels is her past time.
I know it might not sound like much
But that's just how we enjoy our life

And they just want to enjoy some life.
We should let them live before they die.
Track Name: Sad Song
Well the rain that falls cuts through my skin,
the last few months have worn thin.
So I'll just roll up my sleeves, let it tear through me
so a new life can begin.

Cause at times we all fall
If you don't you're not living at all.
There'll be nights when it way seem,
That you're living in a dream,
Well you best hold close to those dreams

And as seasons change it seems sort of strange
Not having you near.
But in life some things just fade away
Even those you held dear,

So I'm set out by the fire,
Stoke the embers, strike the wires
Wait for winter to come again
And though all that's around me has changed,
I'll still be sitting here just the same.

While the rain that falls cuts through your skin,
You say you don't belong in.
Well just turn back around, face into the wind,
And let your new life begin.

Cause at times, we all fall.
If you don't you're not living at all.
But we should never have to hear
About a friend who gave into fear.
Not one you once knew or still hold dear.
I thought it just too pain to say,
But I'll say you can never die on me.
Track Name: Ballad of Bearded Kenny
Now when I go will anybody know?
Cause like some folks I'm sure I'll die alone.
And ghosts they seem to be following me.
But I don't mind, I'll need friends when I die.

So they're riding with me all night until I believe,
Everything they say until I'm relieved,
Of all of the blame that my actions will bring,
So I can live my life devoid of all shame.

And demons know just how to fight my foes.
The weapons they bring go beyond all earthly things.
These fantasies they are all swallowing me.
But I don't mind I'll believe in a good lie.

Tell me anything.

An Old man's eyes
Set sunk in wondering why.
They just can't believe
All that they've seen leave.
Watching young kids
Take it all for granted.
Watching young kids
Take it all for granted.
One day they'll know,
How quickly it all goes.
Track Name: The Great Sea
Floating away from rain, when I cane upon,
A giant who writhed in pain, and cursed all we are.
Sharp ring caught in his teeth, cut like a knife.
With light it's plain to see, right where he hides.

Watched him get tangles up, watched as he fought
Watched as he struggled 'til he just gave up.
Hearing them celebrate, their cheers break the night.
My heart fills up with hate as away fades their light.

Storm clouds are heading in, as their boats head out.
The break it swells and spins, swallows their shouts.
Now I can't see anything,and I don't know why,
Why all these troubles bring you to my mind.

Eight young men with mouths to feed,
But the great sea shows no mercy

Tidal waves they break the night
They say a storm is headed our way
One more night until it passes
We will fight this will not kiss us

Tidal waves they break the night
They shatter glass straight through our barracks
Take head on the biggest waves shout
We will fight this will not kill us

It passes by, the reason that I fight,
A family that I never get to see.

Tidal waves they break the night
I hold the hope I'll see them again
Brace ourselves it's headed for us
We will fight this will not kill us

Tidal waves they break the night
I hope they know they were my everything.
Say a prayer and close our eyes shout
We will fight this will not kill us